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All of these Customers can't be wrong...

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All of these Customers can't be wrong...


Stop using Excel
to manage data!

Microsoft Excel is the most amazing financial analysis and modelling software available. However, as a means to collect and manage operational data, it is sadly lacking. Storing free-form information in an infinite array of rows and columns soon becomes unwieldy and even more-so in a multi-user environment.

Furthermore, if you are still using paper-based forms to collect data or meet QA requirements, this practice can easily be replaced with mobile phone technology which will infinitely enhance your business overnight.

Let Electric Penguin build you a web-based system with data captured in a standardised and robust format, either from a desktop or mobile interface, allowing you to view and react to data in real-time. No duplicate re-keying of information into other systems thereby releasing more of your time to manage the business.

Financial data can be pushed straight back into Excel, so Excel can do what it's meant to do. Additionally, we can interface directly to your accounting package and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Excel for data analysis & modelling - Electric Penguin for data collection and management

Bespoke Development versus Off-the-shelf systems

Get exactly what you need - now and in the future

Off-the-shelf systems

Off-the-shelf systems may well offer more functionality than you actually need but you pay for everything and usually on a per-user basis which can quickly tot up as your business grows. Furthermore, if they don't offer a key piece of functionality that you require, you may need to move that process outside the system and, dare I say it, use Excel to manage it - and, hey presto, you're back to square one!

Bespoke Development

Bespoke is always the best solution if made affordable. We have a vast array of core business modules built up over 20 years that can quickly be configured to your exact requirements, irrespective of your industry. You only pay for this one-off configuration cost but we firmly believe that when you see the benefits to your business, you will retain us as a strategic partner to further develop your system.

Examples of our Solutions

The examples below showcase our flexibility and how we are not tied to particularly industries or a generic CRM type approach:

  • Aerospace - full design & manufacture management system

    Full end-to-end Business Management System covering quotation through to invoicing. Special features: design data management, manufacture route card provision, stores and stock item tracking and comprehensive QA Management coverage to aerospace industry standards (ISO 9001/AS EN 9100/Part 145/21G).

  • Traffic Management - customer focussed process delivery

    Featuring quotation, definition and scheduling of activities into field resources and then capturing evidential reports that are fed straight back to customers and then driving the invoicing process. Also includes a full asset management solution for company owned and hired in equipment and fleet.

  • Pet cremation services - unique system replacing paper-heavy processes

    A totally bespoke solution allowing accurate logging and monitoring of the pets' journey which allows compassionate feedback to owners at an emotional time. A full suite of reporting allows close operational, strategic and financial analysis to be performed at the click of a button.

  • Complex telecommunication programmes - customer KPI focus

    A system managing 100s of differing mobile installation sites with well-defined Customer KPI reporting requirements. Detailed programme management and a custom designed methodology developed in conjunction with the Customer means all elements can be seamlessly delivered to the end Client.

  • On-site Health & Safety management

    Providing third-party H&S audits to large mobile providers. Data received from Customers in Excel format is imported into the system for scheduling and then remote completion of reports using standard mobile phones. All evidential reports delivered back to the Customers via a dedicated portal.

  • Retail process management

    Complex golf retail process delivered via in-store iPads replacing a previous paper-based form process. Latterly integrated with Customer's CRM system thereby streamlining the overall consumer experience and the speed and accuracy of order placement.

  • Coffee Shop fixtures and fittings

    Full warehouse and delivery scheduling system for major coffee shop retailer. Providing full visibility of available stock items for ease of store requisitioning and also offering warehouse provider simpler management, tracking and delivery of items to store.

Process first, then technology

Our entire ethos

Step 1 - Process

Step 1 - Process

Our background is in Quality Assurance, so we will work with you to understand how your business currently operates. As part of this review, we will learn where manual processes or administration heavy activities occur and these will be our first target as they will bring immediate benefits as well as reducing human error influences and non value-added tasks in general.

Step 2 - Software

Step 2 - Software

We'll then rapidly proto-type a core system which you will be able to see online very early on in the development. Hence, modifications can be made iteratively rather than being presented with a fait-accompli which doesn't meet your requirements. We'll never baffle you with techno-speak and we develop using core web technologies that can be supported outside of Electric Penguin.

Step 3 - Support

Step 3 - Support

When the initial system has been delivered, we're confident that you will want us to develop further enhancements. How about mobile solutions for employees in the field completing site activities? Integration with your other key software systems e.g. Accounting and CRM packages? Technology can achieve anything which can improve your business, so speak to us now.